Business Elite

Have Your Office Move with You

Are you looking to complement your main office with our out of the box office environment for you and your team?
Then, our Business Elite Plan is for you! We have turned Lagos' trendiest restaurants into an extension of your office. It gives your team the freedom to be super creative no matter where they are

Benefits for Your Business

Discover how you can boost productivity and improve employee rentention.

Retention Tool

The best talents want more flexibility with work and working hours. Improve your talent retention rate by giving them an InstaSpaces membership.

Productivity Booster

Researches have shown that employees get more work done outside the office. Breaking up a monotony of working from the same location daily sparks new ideas and refreshes the mind.

Office Planning FLexibility

Need extra space as you grow? InstaSpaces makes it easy to have a flexible office arrangement and watch your cost associated with getting a new office space reduce.

Affordable and Easy Commitment

At the fraction of a coworking space hotdesk membership, InstaSpaces memberships are affordable, low risk and a trendy alternative.

Less Time Commuting

Perfect for workers who want to reduce commute time by half especially in congested cities like Lagos.